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Where a really low ramp strike ends up. Sagging – The condition of a ship in which the bow and stern are supported by wave crests and the midships area is less supported by the trough. I liked the way you set up this post, Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Faxing loan no payday teleatrack cob payday loan really like your blog articles. Flashing up a lawn mower’ is a term used when a sailor is about to steal away or woo another sailor’s companion away. Items stolen from the ship or shipyard and smuggled out the main gate. Similar to USN Aviation’s FALCON CODE, but perhaps a bit more ‘refined’, i. May be due to a crash, location of an aircraft, gear or personnel, or the condition of the deck surface. Sailors sometimes used them as weapons to settle a grudge, i.

May be several feet in diameter. A horizontal row of green ‘DATUM’ lights represents the perfect glideslope angle. Oh Dark Thirty – Very late at night, or very early in the morning. Developed to improve readiness and reduce accident rates and severity. In multi-unit ships, such as a carrier with its airwing embarked, generally each squadron will have its own Bull Ensign.

At right angles to the ship’s longitudinal centerline. Responsible, under the Chief Engineer, for damage control faxing loan no payday teleatrack cob payday loan stability of a ship. He screwed the pooch bigtime and they beached him.

Marine Shower – Changing clothes without bathing, usually just applying deodorant. As a verb, the act of returning to base or a tanker because of cos faxing loan no payday teleatrack payday loan fuel state. Typically, a 180-degree turn to the downwind leg at 4. Doing unto them before they can do unto you. Named for Fanny Adams, a girl who was murdered and dismembered about the same time that tinned meat was introduced into the Royal Navy.

The term has now come to mean just the opposite. Coaming – The raised lip around a hatch. A synthetic Aramid fiber used for body and splinter armor. I learn something totally new and difficult on personal blogs I stumbleupon everyday.

Often called upon to resolve pissing contests between pilots and LSOs. Bitter End – Properly, the free or loose end of a line. Non-specific training on military matters, often assigned as NJP. Rug Faxing loan no payday teleatrack cob payday loan – Quality time spent with a senior officer or NCO, usually in a very one-sided conversation. Hold Fire – An emergency fire control order used to stop firing on a designated target.

Yakinkan kalau Anda penjudi mempunyai kenalan yang umum memaikan taruhan on-line, jadi Anda penjudi dapat ajukan pertanyaan bagaimana karakter bandar perjudian onlien yang terpercaya. Usually ordered when the COB or the XO thinks morale is low. A safety harness used when working aloft, referring to the crotch strap of such a device. A ‘blue water navy’ is capable of prosecuting battle away from shore-based support in vessels of sufficient size and endurance to do so safely. Responsible, among other things, for discipline. It may be obstructed by a stuck shell casing, an entire round, or other unwanted foreign material.

An autopilot-coupled system capable of bringing the aircraft aboard without pilot input. A number given by Cos faxing loan no payday teleatrack payday loan to identify a particular part, that is unique and standard to only that particular part, with a description that only God can understand because no man or woman could have come up with such a far fetched description. The horizontal row of green reference lights found on a FRESNEL LENS array, which indicate the optimum glideslope.

NATO ports and following major fleet units. Banca’ is from the Tagalog, literally ‘boat. Generally off-limits to enlisted crew unless they are on duty or on a specific errand. BOSNIA – Big Old Standard Navy Issue Ass.