Music Therapy

What Is Music Therapy? Music therapy an allied health profession that utilizes the planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and well being (the Australian Music Therapy Association). Individuals do not need to have any musical

Australian Aphasia video wins Brain Awareness Video

27 September 2011

The Society for Neuroscience (Washington DC) has been hosting a Brain Awareness Video Contest.  The contest was launched in 2011 to encourage the creation of brief, engaging videos that educate and inspire the public about the brain and nervous system.

University of Queensland’s Shiree Heath, a graduate student was the overall winner of the official contest with The Treasure Hunt, and deservedly so. In it, a child narrates how he came to understand his grandfather’s aphasia.

View The Treasure Hunt

Hungry Beast reporter wins Walkley for “Trapped in my own body” a story about stroke survivor Maree Bourke-Calliss

27 November 2011 In “Trapped in your own body”, Monique Schafter brings us the story of Maree Bourke-Calliss, who suffered a massive stroke 17 years ago at the age of 32 after being knocked in a netball game. Bourke-Calliss became