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What Is Music Therapy? Music therapy an allied health profession that utilizes the planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and well being (the Australian Music Therapy Association). Individuals do not need to have any musical

Aphasia Research

Dr Miranda Rose Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences of La Trobe University discusses her research on developing effective treatments for aphasia. View effective treatments of aphasia video [broken]   For people suffering a stroke, the loss of the ability

New hope for stroke victims – The latest drug therapy that could prevent a lifetime of disability.

30th May 2011

Melbourne medical researchers are leading a worldwide trial on stroke therapy that could mean the difference between a patient walking out of hospital within a few days or being left permanently disabled.

Each year 60,000 Australians suffer a stroke, but only half of them get to hospital in time to be considered for a clot-busting drug that stops the brain being starved of oxygen. That means it keeps brain tissue alive, something that makes a massive difference to how well a stroke patient recovers.

The Melbourne trial’s aimed at extending the crucial period in which that drug can be administered effectively, as Lisa Whitehead reports.

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Melbourne patients will be the first in the world to trial new technology to combat strokes.

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