“Bionic Arm” May Help Stroke Patients, Retrain Brain

4 January 2012

80% of stroke patients lose use of arm, hi-tech brace could give new hope

At the age of 33, a rare stroke nearly ended the life of Sabrina Pridham.

Pridham is involved in a study at The Ohio State University Medical Center testing a robotic arm brace to determine if it can help repair nerve damage by “waking up” unused neurological pathways or possibly using alternate pathways to take control of her arm movement.

The device, when strapped to her affected left arm, senses Pridham’s own remaining muscle signals and provides motorized assistance to force completion of the arm movement. For Pridham, the device makes possible everyday tasks such flipping on a light switch or reaching for a cup from the kitchen cabinet.

View the news article from The Ohio University Medical Center