Computer game helps stroke survivors

17 February 2013

Kiwi scientists have developed a computer game which will launch mid year, making a massive difference to the lives of stroke survivors.

One participant is for the first time regaining movement in his fingers and arm.

Almost a year ago, Tom Glenn survived a massive stroke but lost his ability to move his fingers and arms. But after four weeks playing the computer game he is making startling progress.

“Now I’ve got free flow of my arm really, I can move it out here,” Glenn said, demonstrating stretching his arm. “I’ve lifted that hand a lot higher than what I’ve been able to do because previous to that it’s been virtually clenched and closed,” he said.

“But now it’s just outstanding. I put that down entirely to this process.” Scientists at the Callaghan Institute are launching games that help treat arm and finger paralysis after a stroke.

The technology called Able Reach will soon be available worldwide.

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