Smart devices give stroke victims a better chance

28 August 2012

Smart new technology approved for use in the United States and Europe represents a breakthrough in the treatment of the common stroke.

Two “next generation” devices, the Solitaire and the Trevo, have proved effective in retrieving clots from the brain.

There are two main types of stroke. The first, which involves a bleed in the brain, cannot be treated by these devices. But the other, the most common, is caused by a clot in the brain. This is where the technology comes into its own.

During the mechanical retrieval process these new devices retain the structure and integrity of both the vessel and the clot, which means less internal damage and fewer disabilities.

Although mechanical devices are already used in the treatment of strokes, Solitaire and Trevo represent a step forward, according to research published in The Lancet. At present they are aimed at people who are not eligible for clot-busting drugs, or who have not responded to them.

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