Stroke Rehabilitation

In 2009 the National Stroke Foundation produced the following resource:

Long Term Recovery from Stroke – A Workshop resource for general practitioners.  Included in this resource is a description of the roles of the various health care professionals play in rehabilitation.  To support this weblinks are provided below to help locate each health care professional

Physiotherapists: provide assessment, support and rehabilitation for any movement difficulties (including use of arm/hand), fitness, falls prevention or musculoskeletal complications (e.g. shoulder pain).

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Occupational Therapists: assess any difficulties in independence for all daily activities and occupations (including self-care, leisure and productivity). They work directly with the patient to address recovery of function (including motor, cognitive or perceptual function) either by adapting tasks or by modifying the functional environment for example assess home environment to reduce risks (e.g. rails in bathrooms, driving assessment and assess visual function).

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Speech Pathologists: work with people who have difficulties with communication, cognition, and swallowing. They also train carers to facilitate speech and language activity and encourage participation in verbal and non-verbal communication.

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Dietitians: educate and counsel on healthy nutrition to modify risk factors and to manage comorbidities like diabetes.

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Social Workers: provide support, counseling and information to those with stroke and their family/ carer regarding available options to optimise physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. They also assist in coordinating and organising community resources.

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Psychologists: provide assessment and support for cognitive difficulties and mental health issues.

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