Praise for the old site:

Wendy – “I have shown the website to family and friends and they have been most impressed.  The home page with its bright colours and music decorations is a great hit.  The links and various pages are easy to negotiate and it has a wonderful sense of community about it.”

Susan – “Hi Guys,  I just want to say that I have been right through your site and found it very impressive. My uncle recently had a stroke and is now trying to cope with aphasia. The information I discovered on your website along with the links on your resources page were really helpful. Many thanks for a job well done and I intend to regularly visit the Stroke-a-Chord site from now on.”

Harry – “I had never heard of aphasia before so this internet stuff was a real eye opener.  I particularly like the video section because I have problems reading and this forum is a good idea also.  Keep up the good work my friends.”

Jake – “Fantastic to see some more joomla sites around.  Nice job on this one guys!  I love the layout and the color scheme, better still, the pics and vids are cool.  I was actually Googling the Australian Aphasia Guide and ended up here instead.  Worked out to be well worthwhile with great info on the topic.  Thanks for all of the hard work you Ozzies.”

Peter – “Please, please, please…. more useful and informational sites like these and less of those crass social networking ones from the USA.”

Rosemary – “I read your article in the Leader yesterday with interest and I was curious enough to take a look at your web site today. OMG!  The article was there already on the front page.  Fantastic stuff, really. I’m an RN and I found it was so easy to navigate through and the information available is recommended reading. Who is your web designer because I couldn’t find a reference anywhere?  Whoever he, she or the company is, they did an amazing job. I’m definitely going to call back each week to see how things evolve.”

Brandon – “I’m just looking at the photos and can’t get over how happy the members of the choir look.  speech therapy aside, there is something else going on here and it’s quite uplifting.  i love the site and all of its features.  wonderful!

Thanks everyone for their support, be sure to contact us and tell us what you think of the new site!