voices“Voices: Story of the Stroke a Chord Choir”

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“Voices” is a collection of the stories of a group of people who have triumphed over adversity, stroke and the loss of speech, to come together to sing their way to laughter, friendship and acceptance of life the way it is now. – Sue Scott

“Voices” a beautifully edited account of the lives, past and present, of the ‘Stroke-a-Chord’ choir. A wonderful story of Stroke Survivors who have battled on no matter what, to try and make some normality of their lives against all odds!! Well worth the read, congratulations to each and everyone of them. – Sandra Hartnell

“Voices” tell the stories of individuals in ‘Stroke-a-Chord’ choir. All united by a single moment-stroke. All ages, all backgrounds and circumstances. Very moving and uplifting. These people are giving hope with their message that there is life after adversity. Highly recommended. – Bronwen Jones